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Control your PAIN now!

From backache and migraine headaches to joint pain and physical trauma , meditation and hypnotherapy can be very effective. For pain management and reduction get in touch with me today, until then try this....

Do you have pain right now? Try this simple mind focus exercise; Find a quiet place and a comfortable seat, take some deep breaths and close your eye lids down, take a moment to really relax. Now focus your attention on where the pain is in the body, pay attention to it, what colour is it?.....What shape is it?..... What texture is it?.....Take your time,.....when you are ready change its shape..... give it a soothing colour.....change its texture.....take your time, then slowly move it out of your body and away into space. Let the area where the pain was relax and smooth out. Stay in the state for as long as you like, then when you are ready come back into the room and sit there for a while, before getting on with your day.

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