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New Years Resolutions Don't Work

Setting unobtainable and even materialistic goals will simply cause you unnecessary stress, when your mind picks up on the fact that you are nowhere near your goal, or perhaps you have a mountain to climb, then it will start creating doubts or excuses leading you to give up or pile on even more stress. Instead try this...

As one years ends and another begins, go for a walk and reflect on what you did well. Replay your successes, then feel grateful for those moments. Then think of what didn't go so well and how you could have done things differently. Learn from this...Could you have listened more? Been more accepting of the situation? Reacted differently? Write one to three 'learnings' down and put it somewhere visible in your environment so you unconsciously notice them everyday. If you periodically work on your inner-self in this way you will notice over time that you will become more grounded, calmer and mentally stronger.

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